Case Study for Dynamic Media Class

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By clicking the link above it will take you to my completed case study.

It describes four major projects and my process of going through them from start to finish throughout this 2017 Spring semester for CGT 353.

Purdue Innovation Summit Poster 2017

For my senior year in Computer Graphics Technology, as a class we requested a grant from Purdue to be able to print and showcase our work. The grant was given to us and in return we got to attend the Purdue Innovation Summit with a poster presentation of what we worked on and what we planned on spending with the grant money.

This is the poster I designed for said poster presentation for our group “Graphic House”, which we had named ourselves to create a faux-business corporation for all of the seniors taking this course. Overall I followed the steps of observation, brainstorming, prototyping, and implementing.

This piece was designed using Illustrator with the use of Illustrator swatches, textures, as well as gradients. When this piece was printed and presented it was 3ft x 4ft in length so that the details were large enough for everyone to see.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.02.23 PM

A link to the Neurotherapy website that Graphic House helped create and pay for can be found by clicking here.

Neurofeedback Business Card & Appointment Card

This was another freelance project I worked on for a start-up company located in Arizona. Her company is based around Neurotherapy which is similar to a type of alternative medicine. I communicated with her via long distance to create a corporate identity package for her new business.

Below are the finalized business cards and appointment cards I created based around the logo and the information provided. I wanted to make it cost efficient for her so I combined the business and appointment card into a single piece, with the business card on the front and appointment on the back. The theme of this card was simple yet inviting, I wanted to make her logo stand out and be recognized as well as easy to read.

Both of these were designed using Illustrator and I heavily relied on the use of guidelines to make sure everything was perfectly aligned and was pleasing to the eye with the flow of information. The colors used relate to the colors on the logo.

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One thing that I have learned throughout my years of designing is that it is crucial to save a packaged version of the final product to keep all your fonts and images in one safe place. Also, to make things easier for the client, if you have a font that they don’t have, outline it and then they won’t have to download any files for the needed fonts.

This logo and information was also put onto a personal website that my senior class and I helped create for this Neurotherapy start-up company, which can be found on this link listed here: My class made a faux business firm, which we named “Graphic House” so that we could contact real clients and work with them, and this website was one of our projects that we collaborated on. As a class we also paid for the first year of this website.

Government Freelance Probation Ticket

For this freelance project I worked with someone in a local probation department to redesign a probation ticket. The request was to make it look more like a baseball card since people are more willing to take and keep said card instead of being unwilling to take it. The backside of the card is a simple check-list for the officers.

This was designed using Illustrator by both the use of image tracing as well as the brush and shape tools.

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Nonprofit Water Bottle Label

For this freelance project I worked with a client for a nonprofit organization to develop a water bottle label so that they could put their new logo and message into the surrounding community.

I created this piece by working in Illustrator, taking their logo and the wording that they requested and designing something around it that would seem to bring peace of mind and tranquility. I decided to focus on trees since the new logo of the organization focused on that aspect as well. I used Illustrator swatches and textures to create the wooden aspect as well as the surrounding boarder of the label.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 1.45.47 PM

“Gather. Grow. Go.”