Artist Statement


My works represent the elements of existence that humanity tends to overlook; it represents the verve and flexibility of the essence of nature as well as the peripatetic and inquiring eye of anyone who has taken the time to look beyond the social norm.

Artist Statement

Born and raised in Indiana, I have been able to fully appreciate the small things in life and find the beauty in what others can often times overlook.  Being raised in a small and quiet town I have grown up around nature as well as with the familiarity of the strange, and with this in mind it has fueled my works. I make time to look around and really appreciate the areas of life that can be missed and even mistaken as something irrelevant.

Nonphotography is a type of photography that in essence is something that is not commonly seen or portrayed as something beautiful and opening the untrained eye to see it as something beyond normal views. It is the act of taking a photograph which virtually doesn’t feel like it had a photographer, has any meaning, and almost seems as if it was taken within some void of existence; whilst still making it seem interesting albeit something abnormal. This ‘Nonphotography’ is something that has greatly interested me and influenced my work, as I have grown older; I have managed to appreciate things that no one else seems to observe or take into the account of its purpose or existence.

What is the purpose of seeing objects, materials, or other forms of physical bodies that are overlooked by society as just as significant as anything else that is socially prodigious? It allows us as a human specie to really delve into our understanding of our world around us, it allows us to feel like we are apart of something vast and endless, and it gives us the feeling of being here for a reason – a purpose whilst still managing to appreciate even the small essences that can surround our daily lives. It is important to try and open our eyes up to see the small things that people find insignificant, to open our eyes to see the beauty in the strange, and to understand that even the ‘trivial’ things that surround us can play an important role in how we view ourselves and how we live out our daily life; and when our eyes can open up and see these things around us it can result in immense beauty just from simple every-day objects.